jueves, octubre 26, 2017


HELLO GUYS!!! how are you
Maybe you  hear something about Wholesale Makeup Wordmakeup online shop, you know i´m visited his page last week and wooow sorprise you can find everything you want about makeup and all brand arouns the world.

Then i felt the need to do a special Wish list to share with everyone.

Ok, ¿ready to see the list?

We can start with the holy grail of makeup, the Best Makeup Anastasia Beverly Hills

I can not say if the pallets are good or bad just put it on my wish list:

The Winner is 

Now we can stop at the lipsticks, finding some very beautiful

 Real or Fantastic Dupes, this Shop offer millions of products for you spend your money there .
I think the price for all makeup is absolutely irresistible
Tell me what is your favourite brand and if you want to buy here.
See you soon

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