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Snow White series Lolita Dress

Snow White is a fairy tale known in all world, loved by countless girls. Her story inspires and makes all the girls from around the world dream of their prince charming, coming on a white horse to save them. It is a beautiful story with adorable characters, such as the seven dwarfs and enchanting atmosphere. But it is more to this fairy tale, despite the plot and the characters: the snow white's dress: the beautiful colors, unique garments, and details. That is why we can find this type of clothing in the lolita style fashion, named white snow. Let's find out more about snow white lolita subject:

·        Lolita dress design - snow white

As the name suggests, the blue and white lolita dress is inspired by the snow-white's trademark outfit. The matching colors are dominated by blue and red, exactly as in the fairy tale. You can find this type of dress in numerous ranges, in different tones. For example, a dark blue with red velvet elements dress that is suitable especially for evening outfits. The design is enriched by other unique features, such as the details of the stars, placed on the dark blue material that makes us dream about the shiny star at night, giving it a romantic vibe. Or in dark blue, red, and white details, in a brighter shade, with lace elements, that provide elegant notes. This type of dress can be worn both for the day and night events. But we also recommend you a classical blue and white lolita dress, in tones of white and baby blue, for a more innocent, yet romantic appearance. The skirt is white with baby blue frills, in double layers, that add volume and exciting touches. The top is corset-like, with frills details and baby blue frills. This is a fantastic dress for prom, and will instantly draw all the attention. The similarities with the snow-white fairy tale are priceless, also providing a beautiful story, along with a beautiful outfit. What can be more adequate for prom night? This is the ultimate lolita cosplay dress.

·        Lolita dresses for different occasions

We prepared for you two fantastic lolita dresses that you can wear on different occasions. For example, if you are invited to a tea party, we recommend the court style elegance classic lolita dress. As the name indicates, it is a classical lolita dress, mid-length with beautiful details that add elegance to your outfit. The upper part has a stylish white blouse, with frills and golden details, making it precious and fashionable. The sling dress is made with high-quality jacquard fabric, with matching colors dark blue and red. Also, the golden details can be found on the dress as well, for a perfect match with the blouse. The upper part is fitted to the body, while the skirt is loose, creating volume for an outstanding effect. This dress is exquisite, made with high-quality materials, the perfect choice for a tea party.

If you plan to go to a comic-con, we have the perfect outfit for this occasion. The fog-moon and crown classic lolita skirt had a great design, with particular attention to details. The skirt is made with jacquard, providing stylish and elegant notes. In the waist, you will find a satin-like bow, golden that contrasts heavenly with the dark blue or red of the skirt. The print on the dress is with anime characters, that give to all outfit playful and exciting touches. The skirt is voluminous, and the design is enriched with frills details at the bottom, which creates a beautiful effect when you walk. If you pair this fantastic skirt with a white blouse with frills, the result will be incredible, and you will stand out from the crowd at the comic-con event.

·        What is your favorite anime lolita dress?

When it comes to choosing the favorite anime lolita dress, it is hard to pick just one item. They all have amazing designs and unique features that make you feel amazing. For example, the Miracle Nikki Picking stars ancient book series is extraordinary. This lolita dress has a constellation design, that takes your breath away and makes you feel like dancing with the stars. The dress is made with chiffon, which creates an outstanding effect when you are walking or dancing, but is also comfortable and feels light on the skin. The upper part has a white blouse that contrasts perfectly with the blue skirt, with white details. The accent is put on the waist, with the help of a blue and white stripes bandage that compliments perfectly the volume of the skirt, making the outfit elegant and sensual. If you desire a lolita dress that inspires you to dream big and shoot for the stars, this is a perfect choice. It is adequated, especially for the evenings spent in the city, at a tea party, a romantic date or other special events. This lolita dress is unique and precious due to the materials used, silky chiffon, and the excellent constellation design.


Another beautiful anime lolita dress is the Cardcaptor sakura series. This dress is also made with chiffon material, that provides a silky touch and a stunning effect when you are walking. The colors are perfectly matched white and purple, and pink sakura. The exquisite embroidery, flawlessly executed frills, and the pink bow that enriches the upper part of the dress make it unforgettable and precious. It is a delicate item that combines the beauty of sakura cherries with the purple sky and stars details. It is an invitation to dream and enjoy nature. This dress tells a story, and the design compliments that plot. It is the perfect dress for evenings when you plan to go out for a date or at a tea party. The material from which is made off, chiffon, will make you feel comfortable and sexy, yet exquisite and stylish, while the design will help you to get in the mood for enjoying nature and the beauty of life. It is poetry designed in a dress.

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