Goth bumps into Lolita

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Gothic first appeared in the Renaissance. Its style is mostly darkness, fear, loneliness and despair. It is widely used in architecture, literature, music and other art fields. Lolita originated from a novel of the same name. Later Japan used this word to describe lovely and naive girls. After that, Lolita style clothes appeared in Japan, mostly showing sweet, lovely and soft style. Gothic Lolita is a style of the Lolita that is primarily inspired by Victorian-most affected clothes styles. It retains the raw Lolita aesthetic of an overall modest look. So what kind of miracle will happen when the devil like Gothic meets the lovely Lolita.

Styles of Gothic Lolita

The influence of Gothic Lolita comes from the Gothic style. Black is the dominant color of clothing, black gives us a kind of ruthless and dignified feeling.but it is possible to pair white and black with dark blue and black with Burgundy. Dark green is occasionally used, too.

Gothic style of costume is the application of Gothic architectural style and Gothic art influenced by theology to costume design with flowing beauty. Lolita dresses and skirts are generally full length. Laces and ribbon work on the dress gives an excellent look to it. The good thing is that dress and skirts can work best for Gothic Lolita with a petticoat or with a tutu to add fullness underneath. Lolita dresses and skirts are also very common among consumers. A perfect length for a Gothic Lolita skirt is just below the knee or just over the knee. The black Gothic Lolita dress and skirt would be the best and ideal option for the parties and with any birthday party.

Sometime the accessories are very important part to make your full  outlook and complete stuff of dresses. There are many accessories like socks, blouses and shoes that make the Gothic Lolita style more attractive and stylish .

Frilly blouses with the addition of lovely detailing are a perfect combination. It laces and ribbons added on it, then it will look better. If one chose black and white Gothic Lolita dress, then he must wear choice white blouses with black skirts. For Gothic Lolita, black will always be yes. Long sleeves are poufy at the top and broader at the bottom and it will be tight around the middle of the arm. Short poufy sleeved blouses are not a good choice, but it depends upon consumer's choice. 

Gothic Lolita socks are usually worn under Gothic Lolita skirts. These socks typically are manufactured in three sizes. One size is a manufacture that comes just under the knee. Other forms that go over the knee. The last one usually is socking that are ordinarily available. If someone wears a short skirt, then socks size matters and peek of flesh where the sock end it will lock lovely. Longer size skirts are more appropriate. For schoolgirls, they must wear baggy colors.  Since the Gothic Lolita outfit is a black motif, shoes and socks also need to keep the same tone.Especially if your Lolita dress is all black, black lace tights are the perfect choice to accentuate the dark cool feel of your Gothic Lolita dress.

It will be OK  if you do not have too many shoes, but some boots with sturdy pairs and a good look are enough. Gothic Lolita shoes are always present with a beautiful couple of platform Mary-Janes and Stillettos. The best tip to purchase a Mary-Janes is that one must have a black pair and a white pair. This thing does not mean that you cannot buy another color, but the thing is that if you let say buy a pink color shoe, then it must only be used with a pink color dress. Besides this, black and white colors always look best and elegant. Other shoes that can also be considered on the goth Lolita platform are boots (not heavy) or Victorian-style lace-up boots. 

The interest of Gothic Lolita in makeup and clothing

The makeup is the very important aspect as your dressing, hair style and other accessories. Your makeup style can make and break you whole coordinate.  Mostly straightened hairs and curled hairs are the main parts of the hairstyle. The Gothic style of art is mostly about death, darkness and fear.So main part of the make up is your lipsticks and eye liners. For the black Gothic Lolita dress, the three major lipsticks are black, pearly black blue and pearly burgundy black colors. These three dark shades of lipsticks make your over all very attractive and stylish. Heavy dark black colour mascara makes your look very different and enhance your attraction of beauty.

The blush on is very light in your complete make style because the shades of lipsticks and eye makeup are already hefty and dark. These all are suits with reddish and black combination clothing. Like black tights, opaque red color tights, stocking, or knee highs with laces tops for all these kinds of clothing, dark lipsticks and smoky eyes are fit. 

Gothic Lolita clothing is suitable for different occasions

On the special events and fashion show, the selection of the Gothic Lolita dress design and clothing is a fascinating and vital part of your time. There are different clothing styles with fashion shows and events. 

A wedding dress is always elegantly if you stay away from white and ivory pieces. On wedding occasions, Long Gothic Lolita dress are designed by some lighting color flowers and decent color prints. An OP looks that are near to regular fashion, but if you get the JSK to wear a bolero while wearing the blouse. Some of the brands like the innocent world, Mary Magdalene or Millefleurs and Victorian Maiden. These are some clothing design brands on weeding collection from these are better. You can also wear these Gothic Lolita clothes on the Christening or First Holy Communion kind of special occasion. 

Gothic Lolita may offer many simple designs and modesty of Lolita fashion is suitable for the occasions. At the funeral, you can wear those clothes that are very simple and light embroidery are present. Select mostly non-contrasting colors on the funeral events. Always try to avoid printed clothing on those events. The funeral is the most respective and religious events , do not wear cross motifs and veils because it looks not appropriate. A little color of the black dress is better, and you can wear these outfits on more than one occasion. 

For the birthday and family gathering, the best Gothic Lolita clothing is a skirt and Platform heels. Always try to wear a stylish and neat color collection. If you are a birthday boy or girl, then every attention is only on you then were some attractive dress like shining cute skirt and shoes with a metamorphoses cutsew. Also, add some cute jewelry with you. 


Haute goth event .It is the event of all the fashion worlds. In this fashion, the event included elements area associated with the leatherman style. The dressed that mostly wear is glamorous ghouls dressed that are present in the heavy dark and fitting suits. Another favorite dress is a coal-tinted cocktail dress that wears in this event. 

Cybergoth occasion.In this event, mostly classical Gothic clothes are on top of the list. Dresses are a duster coat and the trippant is very famous. The boots Demonia brands platform is mainly worn. The tight leather pants stretched body piercings, sleeves, tattoos and googles are the main clothing accessories. The leather skirts and black trenchcoats decorated with the metal studs are mostly Gothic clothing parts. 



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