viernes, enero 15, 2021


We are clear that at the beginning of a new season and a New Year, all or the vast majority of people trace routes of good wishes, among which we cannot miss exercising, eating healthily, organizing our time better, etc.

Taking these issues into account, I want to talk to you about exercise specifically about the accessories and clothes that we use for our routines and that is that in the FeelinGirl online store we can find a variety of clothes that help us shape our body and we can wear them not only to the time for exercise, but for our daily lives.

These accessories become another garment and thanks to their texture, quality and elasticity we will not even realize that we are wearing them.

When we accommodate our body to a Feeling Girl thigh trimmer we will be sure that we are wearing a garment made 100% of neoprene, that although we use it to exercise it will help us sweat, but it will not roll over all on the thighs, we can choose sizes from S to 3XL, adjusting this garment very well to the contour of our body.

You can observe diferent colors and the versatility of these garments.

The adjustable velcro allows a good adjustment in the waist, thighs and buttock lifts

The online store offers these accessories for small sizes or large sizes and in general they are accepted with the best references since these garments shape your body and become your second skin, nor will you feel that you are wearing them, such is the case of waist trainer shorts that provide strong tummy control and shaping effect prevent fat accumulation so we can say goodbye to those pesky love handles.

As these are softer fabrics, there will be no problem in our butt crushing, on the contrary, the naioln and elastane shape the figure in a natural way, it absorbs sweat and thanks to the elasticity of these garments, movements are not caused discomfort.

I hope you check out the FeelinGirl store and fall in love with all the accessories.

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