jueves, noviembre 19, 2020

 Hello LOVERBEAUTY Lady, you know that 2020 is being a very peculiar year, full of many changes and surprises, we are adapting to a new life and our body knows it, it lives it, that is why today I have come to tell you about a brand. who cares about your well-being, because you love yourself as you are because you are unique and that brand is LOVERBEAUTY.

LOVERBEAUTY was created in 2014 to reach all types of women without distinguishing weight, size or color; the brand only knows how to give women what they deserve and what they want to express with their bodies.

So let's start with a group of photos to know the company's products.Every woman seeks to show off her figure and with the help of the Slimming Body Suit she can achieve it, these bodies shape the figure in such a way that this garment does not bother you thanks to its materials like nylon and spandex; other important characteristics of these slimming bodies are:

1.Materials: Made of 70% nylon and 30% spandex, high elasticity and breathe freely, lightweight, skin-friendly and soft;

2. Wear it all day without problems.

3. Front zip for easy on and off.

In LOVERBEAUTY various styles of bodies are handled depending on the need of each figure, now let's move on to the Body Shaper with Zipper that you can use after a surgical treatment, you can find this body shaper from size S to 6xl, which means that you find a very wide size that adapts to your needs.

Another benefit is the colors that go for black, beige and brown. It has double support in the abdomen area to offer a flat abdomen, hip lift and adjustable straps that help to lift the bust and you will feel free to shape your body in a perfect way.

There is an area of ​​our body that we pay a lot of attention to and that is our waist, we love ourselves with those love handles that come out too much, but we also have options to shape it with the help of the Waist Trainer Belt, thanks to its constant use and custom fit you can protect your back and shape your waist at the same time.

Remember that you can pay by credit card and even by paypal, the online store currently has many promotions and you can buy one of them.

Visit each link in blue and enjoy these shaping bodies, you will surely find one that suits your needs.

Thanks for your visit and we will read to you soon.


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